Wednesday, April 23, 2014

W is for Water

As I sit here sucking down another 28 ounces of water flavored with slices of lemons and limes, it was obvious the focus of my blog was going to be water. It was not just my being intentional about drinking half my body weight in water, which inspired this week’s blog, but also the messages about water I received from my spiritual addiction to the Food Network and Cooking Channel. So many things we do in the kitchen and in the preparation of food include water. We use water to cleanse our dishes and cooking utensils whether it is in a dishwasher or when washing them by hand. We use water to wash fruits and vegetables. We use water to soak beans, to rinse grains such as quinoa, or to rinse the liquid off canned beans. We use water to cook so many things including potatoes, rice, quinoa, pasta, beans and so much more. We use water to make ice cubes for drinks or to shock vegetables or seafood after blanching or precooking them. We use water in making simple syrups and in making a wide diversity of beverages, especially those that might cool us off on a hot summer day (lemonade, iced tea, iced coffee, etc.). There is not a meal prepared in the kitchen, which does not include water, yet rarely do we give water much thought or consideration.
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