Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I have been sitting here today, praying about what I can write about peace. The anger so many are expressing privately and publicly about the candidates they are supporting is a cue that as a country we are out of balance and are not in peace. This morning, one of the first things I was asked was who I had voted for and rather then say, because it really is no one’s business, I said I was voting for a Pampered Chef Facebook party. At least there we are having fun, laughing, talking about our favorite products, and supporting the host. In this election, there is little fun, joy, or positive energy. There is hurt, anger, sadness, and frustration. 
So how do we move from this space of hurt and anger to a space of peace. How do we build bridges where walls of hate and anger have been constructed. As I sat here and thought about this I was reminded of a sermon I once read by Florence Spearing Randolph, a black woman who preached a sermon about what she would do if she were white. Years ago, I preached a sermon inspired by hers where I talked about what I would do if I were male, female, black, white, biracial, rich, poor, middle class, able bodied, disabled, lesbian, bisexual, straight, cisgendered and transgendered. So today, in hopefully my first and last piece the is political in nature, I want to share what I would do if I were elected President to restore peace in our country and what I would do if I did not.
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