Friday, August 18, 2017


The vision of peace on earth requires each of us to participate in making it a reality. What are you willing to do to make this happen

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Song of the Week

I had a dream when I was young,
A dream of sweet illusion,
A glimpse of hope and unity,
And visions of one sweet union
Let us work together to have one vision of a world where all of humanity is treated with love, dignity and respect.


Let your imagination set you free. Reclaim the wonder and openness you had as a child and allow yourself to see things you can no longer see

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


This past weekend I had to spend the day at the Animal Hospital Emergency Room as one of our cats developed a urinary tract infection. Sitting there talking with and listening to the love people had for their furbabies, just like me. One of our babies, Mr Mittens, has a sensitive stomach and some possible food allergies, so we have been trying to find foods that will calm his stomach and that will make him feel better. While there are quite a few organic foods out there, I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes I have gathered that are for cats using my Pampered Chef products. So today, I thought I would share a few recipes for those of you who are cat parents (or slaves to your cats) and those who are dog parents.
They are as much members of our families as our human members. So here are a few ways to create mealtime memories with and for your furbabies. Hope you enjoy making some of them and your babies enjoy eating some of them.
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Having vision does not require one to be sighted. Vision is about being open and listening with all your senses. Open your mind so you see

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Which way are you living in this world? Are you all about the visions or about the ideas? Is your view limited or limitless?

Monday, August 14, 2017


Working on some spiritual practices in our lives is easier then others. It is easy to think about how to practice kindness, gratitude, joy, kindness, or even play. However thinking about practicing vision requires us to think outside the box. So I was excited when I found the writing of Angeles Arrien, in The Four-Fold Way Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary. She offers some concrete steps and things we can do to practice developing our inner visionary. So I thought this week I would share her ideas with you.
"Processes and Reminders: Important Practices to Develop the Inner Visionary
"1. Spend at least fifteen minutes each day in walking meditation. Record your experience in your journal or create a special meditation log.
"Walking Meditation
Accessing the Inner Creator
Accessing the Quality of Creativity
"The purpose of walking meditation is to honor sacred time. This is a time set aside for introspection, contemplation, discovery, and honoring the sacred or divine.
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