Tuesday, January 3, 2017


A friend of mine just started a business involving pearls and she had to delay the start of her party because her pearls had not come in yet. Talking with her about it made me think about a story I read once in a book called Perfume of the Desert by Andrew Harvey and Eryk Hanut. The story is a short but simple one which is a great reminder of the transformative power of questing.  
"Shibli sought out Junayd as a teacher and said to him, 'Many people have informed me that you are a supreme expert on the pearls of awakening and divine wisdom. Either give me one of these pearls or sell one to me.'
"Junayd smiled. 'If I sell you one, you won't be able to pay the price; if I give you one, coming by it so easily will drive you to undervalue it. Do like me; dive headfirst into the Sea. If you wait patiently, you will obtain your Pearl.' "
Questing is about the journey. It requires intentionality, patience, and commitment to waiting on the pearl which is ours. I have found their story to be so true. I have valued the lessons I have learned on my journey when I have worked to discover them myself, then when they were just handed to me.
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