Tuesday, December 27, 2016


When most people think about meditation, they may think about water, peace, bliss, quiet, breathing, or mindfulness. When I asked my friends what they thought they gave me a diversity of answers. However, none of them said Bugs Bunny. However, Dean Slutyer, author of When the Chicken Crossed the Road, suggests that Bugs Bunny's classic line is a mantra. The first part evokes "the pause before formless awareness concretizes into words and thoughts: the wisdom of uncertainty, omnidirectional openness to all possibilities, the child-mind that is required to enter the kingdom of heaven." The second phase presents the challenge for our meditation: "What's the story? What's reality?"
Breathing in: Eh, . . .
Breathing out: what's up, Doc?
So today, take a few minutes to sit, meditate, and practice this Bugs Bunny mantra. Not only will you find yourself reaping the benefits of meditation, but having fun in the process. Not only will you think of meditation differently after today, but Bugs Bunny as well.  

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