Saturday, October 18, 2014


Dear God,
I would like to thank you for the reminder that everything, which happens in my life, is for the good, even when I do not realize it now. Others may look at my life and see the trials and tribulations. I look at my life and give thanks for all you have done for me. I have actively chosen to believe that you do not do things to me as some form of punishment, but for me as a tool to help me grow and continue to be of service. Yes, I have had others say hurtful things to me, but you have taught me that their words are about them, not me. Yes, I have had others abuse me, but their pain, which they targeted towards me, is about them, not me. It is only about me if I believe it is about me and as you have taught me through the teachings of don Miguel Ruiz. The words and the language I use have power and I choose to use words that create positive realities and energy. It is through my word that I create and this power to create is a gift you bestowed on me.
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